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All Pics (and our time at Aardklop) courtesy of Beeld Newspaper

Aardklop is always a weird experience. Very good plays and awesome art exhibitions mixed with the worst of Afrikaans music (I’m talking about people you have never heard off, all using the same tune and lyrics that always contain the words bokkie, bokke, boude, and brannewyn in various combinations). Racist t-shirts are popular and seen often (the t-shirts are not racist as such but the slogans on them and by association, the people in them), most people do not even watch 1 show or visit any art exhibition and most of the food is deep fried (I even saw deep fried ice cream). But somehow we always manage to have a good time.

Festival Highlights:

The whole of Marco Cianfenelli’s show. He was the Festival artist and his work is amazing. He also won the Artvark, one of the festival’s awards, sponsored by Beeld.

The two canvases with the flying birds on them at the Sasol New Signatures exhibition. I’ve seen it before at the Pretoria Art Museum but it is such an simple concept that really captivates you.

Diane Victors work at the Sasol Wax Awards exhibition. If you work with crime and crime victims as often as we do, it is really an eyeopener when someone really treat the victims as people and not just as stories or statistics.

The music and vibe at Castillions. We saw Dan Patlansky, Kaalkopwaarheid and Bonekey and would have liked to see many more bands if we weren’t working so hard. Patlansky was amazing as always and I am fast becoming a fan of both Kaalkopwaarheid and Bonekey (both bands hail from Pretoria). We also seem to end up at this venue most nights till the early hours.

Unfortunately I only had time to see 2 plays. I realy enjoyed Boks, with Neels van Jaarsveld and Quinton Krog, both very convincing actors.

And, lastly OppiAarde (will post more pics of OppiAarde as soon as I can).


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